The Investor Deck: A Step-by-Step Guide

The investment deck is the most important element of an investor pitch. It should be well-researched, concise, and persuasive to potential investors, and this investor deck guide will help you create a great investor deck.

The goal of the document is to convince investors in 30 seconds or less that they should continue reading the business plan.

First, make sure you have all of your information in one place to save time and ensure uniformity for investors. This includes:

Investor Deck Guide

The name of the company, a short description that sets up how big the opportunity is (i.e., $100+M market potential) or why this specific use case matters today more than ever before/a significant need exists for what you are doing with blockchain technology etc.).

Who will be using it? Why do they care about it? How many people fit into this audience? What’s their total addressable market size worth now and in five years? Where does this group congregate online or offline right now & where should

Title page – include company logo and contact information. Table of Contents – list each slide with title and corresponding page number (this makes it easy for readers to find slides they want). Company summary/business overview, as this is often the first thing an investor sees. Explain why it is a great opportunity, with data to back up your points – this will also tell them what they are going to get if they continue reading/investing in you! Problem statement(s) – spell out exactly what problem or problems currently exists that you are solving for. How big of a problem does it solve? What’s the size of the market where these issues exist today and how much larger might it be in five years? Solution section – detail how both users and investors stand to benefit from using your platform specifically (what features do users gain by investing their time/money?).